dimarts, 8 de maig de 2018

Visit of Master Sustainability students to LOW3

Students from the Master Sustainability of UPC visited the Living Lab together with their professors Albert Cuchí and Anna Pagès for getting known to its concepts of sustainable architecture and its technological solutions.
Engineers, architects and specialists in materials discussed about the LOW3 concept, embodied energy of its materials, the buildings lifecycle, active solar systems, space use and flexibility and many other aspects which define nowadays the overall sustainability of a project. The Live-at LOW3 house occupation experiment, which formed part of their former Master program showed them the environmental impact evalutation of LOW3 under real conditions.
Finally students got introduced into the results of the Roadmap for Energy (R4E) project through the R4E Roadmap video about Smart Buildings, getting an impression about how buildings might develop in the mid and long run. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf3q-Od9TQ8)   

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